Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts

Bishop, California | Payahuunadü

Welcome to Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts! I’m Sara Kaiser, founder and instructor. I am so honored to have opened Bishop California’s premier aerial arts studio in 2022 after teaching in local spaces for four years. 

Our community is fun-loving, friendly, and encouraging – we’ve cocreated a culture of support, play, empowerment, creativity, and continual personal growth.

Aerial arts change lives – they changed mine, and I’ve watched so many others transform through the journey of learning to fly. 

Join us in person or browse our online offerings. This is your chance for metamorphosis!


Metamorphosis through Movement

Creativity ~ Empowerment ~ Community

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Learn at your own pace and enhance your aerial education with in-depth tutorials by professional instructors.


Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts strives to nurture a long-lasting love for creative movement, facilitate meaningful personal transformation, build community through a culture of inclusivity and play, and encourage self-expression through creative action. Aerial arts will mean something different to everybody, and Wakeful Ascent embraces those diverse interpretations. 

We offer...

  • Aerial classes in the heart of Bishop, CA.
  • Aerial Silks Online: is your portal to aerial silks and sling (hammock) tricks, choreography, transitions, fundamentals, sequences, theory, and technique.
  • Fit4Flight: at home workouts are a series of 5 workouts to help you get fit and flexible to reach your aerial goals. These workouts are under 40 minutes and can be done at home with no equipment!
  • Workbooks & Ebooks: From leveling up as an aerialist to designing your very own choreography, we have the resources to help you every step of the way.


"Aerial Silks is such a beautiful and exciting art form. It’s great strength and fitness training, and skill development. I’m having the best time getting strong, improving flexibility, and challenging my body and my mind. Sara is an excellent instructor. She makes learning the art very safe and super fun. We are so fortunate to have someone of her caliber teaching aerial silks in Bishop."
Gigi de Jong
"Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts has brought so much joy to my life and to the Eastern Sierra. Sara offers an aerial program that prioritizes safe instruction, cultivates community, and inspires growth through artistry. Wakeful Ascent is for everyone - the beginner aerialist with no prior experience, the intermediate aerialist who is seeking to learn more, or the refined aerialist who is seeking high-level instruction, collaboration and inspiration. I feel a sense of renewal, as Sara has reawakened my passion for aerial silks and has begun to help me realize my own potential with this beautiful art form. I am eager to be a part of the growth of aerial arts in the Eastern Sierra, and continue to absorb everything that Sara has to offer."
Caitlin Wellwood
"Learning aerial silks has been one of the most wonderful things to come into my life in years. It’s the whole package: exercise (without feeling like a chore), total mind/body engagement, always challenging and fun, and a great community to boot. Not long after starting silks I dreamt that I leapt over a van in a single bound. I really feel stronger and better all around thanks to this practice, Sara’s excellent instruction, and the developing Eastern Sierra aerial arts community!"
Kendra Atleework

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