5 Ways Theory Elevates Your Aerial Practice

How does theory support your journey as an aerialist?

As aerialists, we have the opportunity to learn not only by following directions, but by asking questions. Inquiries lead us into deeper knowledge and empowerment as aerialists, and if you ask me, make everything way more fun and exciting. Theory offers us a foundation to draw from as we learn and innovate skills, supporting us in many many ways!

1. Enhance Safety 

By developing an understanding of how aerial silks works, you provide yourself an added layer of safety. You become skilled in identifying and avoiding risks within skills. You’ll be able to notice the more subtle details when something isn’t working, whether as a teacher or student. Theory empowers you to make informed decisions, protecting both yourself and those around you from harm.

2. Learn Faster

Learning is dramatically accelerated by theory. Instead of trying to make problematic techniques work or relying on compensations for not knowing technique, you can apply theory. This saves you a lot of time and energy, as well as confusion. If you feel like learning is slow-going, it’s the perfect time to slow down, stop, and start analyzing your wraps and technique. Your brain can lead your body in the right direction! Theory accelerates your progress, transforming months of minimal progress into leaps of improvement.


3. Elevate Artistry

How can theory support artistry? Having a deeper understanding of your art form opens your eyes and imagination to more possibilities. With the underlying knowledge of how fabric and aerial movement really work, you can begin to connect dots and see opportunities for innovation.

4. Boost Precision and Performance

Aerial silks is an incredibly precise art form. An inch can make a huge different when it comes to fabric placement, as can a few degrees of hip rotation. Developing a deeper understanding of theory leads you into the finer details of aerial silks, which make the difference between good and excellent.

5. Cultivate Confidence

At the heart of theory lies a special opportunity: to strengthen your confidence in your own abilities as an aerialist. Being able to critically evaluate technique, troubleshoot, and innovate is empowering, fun, and continually contributes to your big picture, holistic understanding of and connection with your art form.

In conclusion, theory isn’t just a concept—it’s a cornerstone of aerial mastery. Welcoming theory in to your journey may feel daunting at first, but it’s sooo worth it! And no rush – theory and experience go hand in hand. Take your time to learn as you go, staying open and curious to new lessons and possibilities.