A Beautiful Transition: The Hip Key Hook (Mini Tutorial)

The Hip Key Hook is one of my favorite silks moves of all time. It’s a feel-good transition that can keep sequencing into more things. My last post about body position for the hammock knot is closely related to this one, so go look at that one too if you haven’t yet. (A more detailed version of this tutorial is available on Aerial Silks Online.)

1. Begin in a hip key. Hold the tail with your bottom arm. Let your torso sink toward the ground (important!!!).
2. Switch the scissor so that your bottom leg pikes toward your head. The more you pike that leg the better.
3. Engage your core for the hollow body position as you let your top leg pass behind the pole (you can post the foot first, and if you need a hand on the pole too that’s okay but keep your torso/head low still). DO NOT SIT UP while your leg is passing behind the pole or you will most likely miss your hook! THIS CAN LEAD TO A FALL! Keep your head down down down. Also avoid letting the top leg pass too far away from the pole. Keep it close.
4. As your right leg finds the hook, the left leg pikes in and then crosses. I released the tail VERY early because I am extremely familiar with this skill. Don’t do that. HOLD your tail. I am not showing how to exit in this video, so if you’re not sure you’ll know how and are still working on your theory foundations, don’t proceed. I do have the full hip key hook breakdown (as well as thigh hitch hook and repeating hook descent) on Aerial Silks Online.