Fitness & community in a women-centered space

Aerial Boot Camp is a 6-week program designed to introduce you to a new form of fitness that is fun and effective and comes with the support of your coach and those around you. 

Join a group of 8 women in a weekly aerial class to build strength, flexibility, grace, and confidence while enjoying the company of others also trying something new. 

Aerial training is transformational – you will find yourself accomplishing things you might never have felt possible, and begin to see yourself in new ways. 

This is a BODY POSITIVE space specifically designed for you to feel SAFE and supported in trying something new and doing what you are able without judgment. This program includes guidance for re-framing self-criticism and encouraging self-compassion.

And because we get asked a lot, let us be clear that there are no weight limits – our rigging supports upward of 2,000lbs. 

Is this you?

  • You want to get stronger and feel fit but traditional exercise just isn’t appealing or exciting enough to stay committed
  • You crave a sense of freedom and power in your body
  • You would love to have more creativity in your life
  • You want to learn and grow alongside others
  • You want to feel genuinely inspired and have meaningful goals
  • You may not feel comfortable in gym environments

Not all workouts can help you with these. Aerial is different.

Why aerial fitness is so effective

  1. Aerial has clear and attainable progress benchmarks. You will be able to set personal goals and work toward them with clarity. 

2. Everyone has unique strength and struggle points in aerial, so you don’t get caught up in competitive mindsets – instead, classes feel collaborative as you uplift and celebrate one another

3. Aerial is FULL BODY – core, legs, glutes, upper body, chest, quads – you name it, aerial targets it. 

4. Aerial is SO FUN that you don’t feel like you’re going through the motions or just “working out.” It’s basically a playground.

5. Aerial is BEAUTIFUL –  aerial expands upon the natural beauty of bodies to highlight the shapes and lines you can create. You WILL see yourself in brand new ways when you start unlocking aerial skills – you will start to recognize more and more the beauty of your body, regardless of so-called “beauty standards.”

6. It is straight-up impressive – everyone you know will be amazed at what you can do, and this can be an awesome confidence boost!


Strength, Empowerment, Community

The early bird price of this program is $150 – that includes 6 weekly aerial classes, with bonus workout checklists and protein smoothie recipes. The price increases to $165 on August 30th!

Space is limited! We wish we could take more but we only have space for 8 women.