Aerial Choreography Mentorship

Making an aerial act is a complex, personal process. My job is to help you infuse your act with meaning. To connect the dots between what is important to you and what you are expressing. To help you unleash your alter ego, or a side of yourself that has remained hidden for too long. To help you create the atmosphere that will help carry your message. To stoke your creative fire. To fend off all the doubts that stand in your way so you can create and express yourself freely.

This package includes:

  • Free 15 minute discovery call
  • The Intro to Choreography EBOOK with written feedback on every assignment.
  • CALL #1 Up to 60 minute initial call: discuss your goals, vision, and needs
  • CALL #2 Up to 60 minutes: Troubleshoot, Q&A, creative unsticking (if needed), refining the act
  • Call #3 Up to 30 minutes: aftermath, reflections, next steps
  • Video feedback: 5 written video analyses
  • Final review of performance & a feature on the Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts blog.

An application is required.All services must be claimed within a 30 day time frame.

Aerial Choreography Mentorship Application