Aerial Conditioning: Froggy Lifts for Glute Strength AKA Backbends & Booty Gains

Sure, squats are cool, but if there is a way to lie down while training, I will find it and I will prioritize it.

Glutes are MEGA IMPORTANT. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t care how deeply you believe that your booty’s purpose in life is to look good. In reality, looking good is a happy side effect of doing extremely important work for the rest of your body, and if you do aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial hammock, rope, trapeze, you name it, this is even more important for you. (P.S. Read to end for booty positive pep talk!)

Sure, I get a lot of comments about my booty, but I have never gone out of my way to make it big and strong. YES, genetics do play a role, as well as how much you eat (and let’s be honest, I get pretty serious about perfecting sourdough and cookie recipes) but exercise does too. Aerial has helped me build strong glutes, and my strong glutes have helped me build my aerial practice.

Why are they SO important?

Glutes help you to:

  • Extend the hip, aka reach your leg behind you aka “arabesque.”
  • They can engage to support the lumbar spine (low back), which is important for safe backbends
  • Deploy safe and powerful aerial movement, including back balances, front balances, wheeldowns, climbs, splits, and more.
  • Enter handstands.
  • Walk, run, jump, you name it!

I’ve never been crazy about squats (though they are very good for you) but I really love this drill for glutes because it makes them work in their own rite rather than helping other muscles work. And you get to lie down.


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  1. Lie on your belly and pull your feet toward your butt. I try to keep my toes touching.⁣⁣
  2. Squeeze your butt to lift your knees off the ground while keeping your heels in toward your butt as much as you can. If you let them drift away it is still a decent exercise but will come more from the hamstrings. ⁣⁣
  3. For additional burn, pulse at the top. ⁣
  • ⁣Lower your torso if this strains your low back. This will reduce the bend in your lumbar spine. ⁣⁣
  • I like to alternate sets with other drills, and usually work it at 10 reps + pulses at the top. ⁣
  • I have time for only one more custom training plan this month so go here to learn about that and apply.

MODIFICATION: Many of you told me that these seemed useful but were TOO DAMN HARD. Okay, I hear you. I thought about it, and here is a way to make it easier while still reaping the benefits 🙂

If you’re looking for full workouts you can do at home, Fit4Flight is a series of 5 aerial-specific floor workouts that don’t require any special equipment. Learn more about that here!