Aerial Drill: Tuck-throughs, Cannonballs, Ball-backs

Tuck-throughs, Cannonballs, Ballbacks. This is an amazing drill for inversion compression, control in inversion, and makes a great pre-cursor to skin the cats!  This drill is also the antidote to flinging your legs forward when you come out of an inversion, slamming your feet onto a mat to the instructor’s dismay.  Good on silks, hammock, trapeze, and straps. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your chin tucked forward. Avoid the temptation to draw the head back as you invert.
  • Imagine powerful magnets on your inner knees–they are locked together!
  • Keep your knees as close in to your chest as you can
  • Match your ankles and feet
  • Step down light as a feather when you come out of inversions 🙂
Let me know how it goes! You can find many more free videos like this on my free aerial drills page.


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