Aerial Floor Conditioning: C-taps

This exercise builds your obliques, glutes, adductors, quadratus lumborum, and more. In other words, core, booty, and thighs are firing up for this one. It helps train your c-body, which is important for star drops, wheeldowns, rolls, general transitions, and many other key aerial moments. this move also seriously challenges your balance! This is an exercise where you can also focus on knee extension and toe point. 

How to:
Lay on your side. Lift top arm toward the sky and bottom arm overhead. Squeeze your ribcage and pelvis together gently and engage your pelvic floor. Raise legs off the ground. Aim to tap your lifted hand with your top foot and then match it again with the bottom leg. Finish it off with a nice c-body hold.

Try 3 sets of 5 on each side! Have fun with the balance 😉