Aerial Front Balance Strength Training on the Floor

Here is another aerial-specific floor drill for you! This is awesome for training your front balance even if you don’t have access to an apparatus. You might also try the front balance exercise on a chair or stool.

By the way, see that booty? It didn’t come out of nowhere! This drill will help build up your glutes in addition to helping with your front balance. Posterior strength is not just sexy af, it’s also incredibly important for aerial strength and everyday life. Many people have weak glutes and hamstrings as a result of sitting all the time. This drill will help!

1. Lie facedown with your arms overhead.
2. Engage your backbody to lift legs and arms. Do not look up or tilt your head back.
3. Release back down with control.
4. After about 5 reps, bring your arms out to your sides and open and close your legs while in the lifted position.
5. After about 5 of these, squeeze your legs together, hold, and BREATHE!

Looking for more structure for your drills? Have a look at Fit4Flight, a series of 5 aerial-specific workouts you can do at home with no special equipment.