Aerial Hammock Hip Key Rollup Drill

Whether you’re working on hip key rollups, full twist hip key rollups, or just want a new way to condition in the hammock knot (or a sling) these are the way to go.

You will see as the video goes on less leg action and more hips. Legs can help drive action but mostly it comes from your hips.
1. Slice one leg between the poles and roll so that leg is on bottom.
2. Hold your chest upright and take feet wide apart.
3. Drive your top hip in and down as you drive your bottom hip up and open. This happens simultaneously. If either of your hips doesn’t do the job, you’ll feel stuck!
4. As you execute that hip action, start to drop your chest toward the ground (less for the classic rollup, more for the horizontal rollup) and TURN YOUR HEAD to look where you are going. This allows space to reach your arm around.
5. For classic rollup the pole will travel from hip to opposite upper back. For full twist aim for the fabric to roll around your low back and lower abdomen.
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