Aerial Hammock Wheeldown Holds

Hammock wheeldown holds! These are amazing for building strength and technique in your wheeldowns and for conditioning in general.
I like these as an alternative to the hammock rolls I have seen where you spin the full 360 degrees in once go. Let me tell you, almost nothing in silks is painful to me, but those ARE. Plus, the point of these is to spend TIME in each position! They are amazing for conditioning because they hit your front, side, and back bodies equally.
1. Position the hammock knot under your low back. Like really low.
2. Start facing the sky with your legs in a straddle and hold. If the straight legs is too hard change them to a diamond shape.
3. Leading hand will find the knot and keep pushing against it while the other hand moves into place. Pushing on the knot prevents it from slipping toward your abdomen (which it will, and that is why this drill is better on the knot than in a sling)
4. Hoist your upper body up to the sky now! See my last post about side-body strength.
5. Rotate to a front balance position. Now both hands will be on the poles. LIFT your chest and squeeze your butt to lift your legs.
6. Continue on to the next side-body crunch.
7. Finish where you started, and then repeat going the opposite direction.
Notice if your feet start to turn in while you do these. Try to keep them pointed and everted (slightly turned out).
Please breathe when you do these.
Notice which positions are the HARDEST. These are the places you need to spend more time in! And don’t ignore the transitions between the main positions either. They are important too.
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