Opening Portals for Creative Movement Leaders

Do you dream of starting a creative movement-based business and want to go about it in an intelligent, sustainable way?

Perhaps you’re already swept into the whirlwind of running your studio, where the demands of daily operations leave little room for creative exploration, personal growth, or skill development.

Or is that you might find your business humming along smoothly, yet you sense it holds the potential for an even grander vision, a deeper resonance waiting to be unearthed?

Striking a balance between the details of business architecting and the intuitive, creative heartbeat that makes your business truly extraordinary is not an easy endeavor.

I am here to help you recognize and activate your unique magic – I am a magician’s assistant, so to speak.

Through a series of inquiries and reflections, we will elucidate the areas of you and your business that require a shift. We will work to balance and integrate your masculine and feminine energies, caring for both the practical side- managing the details of operations and systems, and tending to the holistic side – your community, your creativity, your magic, your vision, and your well-being.

Our work will be based in balancing matriarchal and patriarchal values and principles in your work and rebalancing life.


Balancing the practical & the creative side of Your work

Running a business is part numbers and spreadsheets, part journey of creativity, nurturing, and personal transformation.

Running a creative movement business means crafting an experience that resonates with your community, leading with authenticity, and nurturing your personal and professional growth.

It’s a dance of practicality and intuition, grounded in the understanding that the transformation of your business is deeply intertwined with the transformation of yourself.

Join me as we explore a holistic approach to business management, one that honors the heart-centered spirit of your craft while providing the practical tools you need to build a healthy business and community. 


Guidance Crafted Carefully For You

  • Analysis & careful consideration to determine whether you should start a creative movement business
  • Organize & harmonize your business, setting up systems so you can find a flow
  • Discuss the interval between your current income and your wealth potential
  • Marketing & communication strategies & digital ecosystems
  • Resolve problems & confusions in your business
  • Clarifying strategies to set you up for organized accounting
  • Guidance for healthy student relationships and boundaries
  • Community building, impact
  • Managing stressors, burnout, setting boundaries with yourself, work/life balance
  • Integration of matriarchal values and principles into your life and work
  • Activating magic in your life

Touch in on any area of your business. Receive advice, support, a sounding board, brainstorming, creative problem-solving, and troubleshooting. 

Streamline operations and workflow, organize finances and explore income potential, discuss digital systems and strategy, nurture your community, cultivate practices for personal well-being and transformation.

We will explore symptoms of imbalance in your business and consider how you can integrate matriarchal and patriarchal principles into your work and personal life. 

Full scale transformation of your business. Together we will systematically explore and tend to these key aspects of your business:

  • Vision
  • Finances
  • Community evolution
  • Systems
  • Personal Transformation
  • Balancing matriarchal & patriarchal principles in your business & life

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in six transformational 1:1 sessions than span the practical details to the wilder dreams and receive weekly assignments that guide your business’s evolution. This is a path of evolving your creative movement business into more than just a facility—imagine it as a visionary and potent energy center in your community, and beyond. For this, we will need to do some work to help you resonate at the frequency of magic.

Upon completion of this immersion, you are eligible for ongoing discounted sessions.

in one word: devotion


In 2017 I started listening to my gut. I made some profound life changes, including leaving my job and moving to Bishop, CA in the Eastern Sierra. After realizing there were no aerial offerings in the area, I tentatively brought Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts into the world. This is when I started to learn my ability to work magic.

What started out as a 6-week Intro to Silks series in a yoga studio has blossomed into a full-fledged business, complete with my own studio and online offerings, active & passive income & new ideas continually in the making. This was not without MANY challenges along the way. At one point, I fully gave up on the possibility of having my own studio space. I believe that the moment of surrendering and letting go was essential for my preparation for the opportunity that would eventually come my way. 

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a range of business models and strategies and have learned and achieved more than I ever expected. Now, I am following the lead of my intuition and my deeper values as the desire grows for a broader wingspan.

I bring to our sessions the exact approach that has enabled Wakeful Ascent to take flight: a balance between the masculine: grounded, analytical, systematic, decisive, and the feminine: creative, intuitive, magic, visionary.

As your business coach, my intention is to empower you to create RESONANCE and ALIGNMENT in your business. Together, we’ll work on streamlining operations, identifying inefficiencies and opportunities, and building a more organized foundation.

We’ll consider the heart of your business, which is your community, and how to refine and amplify your impact as the leader of your space and culture.

Beyond that, we will delve into the realm of personal transformation, exploring potential imbalances in in your masculine/feminine and identifying limiting beliefs and mindsets in order to unlock new opportunities as a leader and visionary. We’ll begin to activate your unique connection with magic.

I’m here as your ally, to encourage you to dream deeper, embrace your creativity, and tap into the magic and beauty of each moment in your business, so that you do not feel like you are always waiting or wishing for the next thing. 

Many people doubted that I could be successful running an aerial arts studio in a rural town. I attribute my success to my commitment to community cultivation, leadership, learning digital systems and strategies, and dedication to high standards and quality, no matter how much money I was earning at any given phase of my business. In one word, devotion. 

And, of course, I played magic.

The first step was moving to a place that resonated with me deeply. Now, I am living a life I never could have previously imagined – running my dream studio, working for my favorite singer, fledging a creative life I’ve wanted since I was 11 years old, and living in a beautiful space surrounded by nature. 

Whether you are considering opening a studio or are well on your way, I am excited to learn more about you and your project. If you’re ready to begin working magic, let’s connect.