Aerial Self-Care Challenge: Four Days of Hot Water Immersion

Aerialist bodies know all kinds of aches. No apparatus lets us off easy. Whether you train aerial silks, lyra, pole, trapeze, hammock, rope, chains, or anything else that lets you fly, you know what it’s like to step delicately out of bed the morning after a good training session.

Outer hips? Sigh.
Upper back? Eek.
Glutes? Yup.

We can actually get so used to being sore and tired that we stop paying attention and keep training when we really need rest. This was definitely happening to me–between teaching and training I was starting to rack up some recovery debt. I wanted to reset my body so I promised myself four days in a row of rest PLUS hot water immersion. For me that meant epsom salt baths and visiting a local hot spring (I know, I’m the luckiest! Add your name to the form at the bottom of this page if you are not already on the newsletter list and want to be notified of aerial/hot springs excursions in the Eastern Sierra).

It worked like MAGIC.

The heat helps muscles relax and promotes blood flow throughout the body. It lets us feel far more at ease in a body that has worked really really hard. Four days in a row of hot water and rest is a special treat that I’d recommend every month or two, or when you become injured or sick. Otherwise, once a week goes a long way! 

Your bath doesn’t have to look as luxurious as the photo above to do good work on your body. Remember that it’s the hot water that matters. Add some epsom salt, essential oils if you have some, and turn on some music to take yourself a little deeper. 

Don’t have a bathtub? You might also have local hot tubbing options at gyms or spas. And, a hot shower is still an amazing resource for your body. Remember to tell yourself when you shower that it is a form of self-care, not just another task for the day. 

Taking time out to soak in hot water is an easy way to say thanks to your body. I think you will enjoy yourself!