hip positioning in same side knee hook
same side knee hook hip positioning

Hip position in same side knee hook

💡More tips for same side hook! Today let’s look at the position and action of the pelvis in this fundamental move! Although I demo this on silk, it is in principle the same on other apparatuses 🙂

😵‍💫We often hear that we should “hook high” or “hook above the hands.” This is TRUE! But, sometimes it gets lost in translation. The *how* has a lot to do with the pelvis. It is not *ONLY* the pelvis but that is the focus of this post.

When you invert, you want to pull your pelvis in toward your arms and push UP toward the sky. I will even do a little baby elbow pullup to really get my knee above my hands. Once you are hooked, it’s not over🙈You have to KEEP pulling the pelvis toward the hands/arms/apparatus! It would just LOVE to fall away, and you have to use the strength of your core (and other things I’ll explain later) to resist that. I’ll post a drill I like for that strength in my story today.

⬆️You want your body to be VERTICAL before you attempt to climb above your hook. If your hips come toward level with your chest, you are going to feel like the scrabbly raccoon I look like in my demo of sinking hips here. 🦝

⚠️Again, it is not JUST the hips that make this vertical stack possible, check out my tips on shoulder alignment HERE