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Aerial Silks Online has helped me improve my technique and learn new skills even when I can’t take classes. The instruction is intuitive and easy to follow and the cuing is great, even for someone who is very bad at learning from video, like me. There are tons of tricks and smaller transition moves available, so the value is great. The content also builds well and is well organized. Highly recommend!
Kendra Atleework
I am so glad I subscribed to this!! I just watched the split roll to x back transition video. You're a genius! I have done those two back to back before and didn't know how to connect them. Your instructions are so easy to follow and you have great tips and coaching. I love that you show the move, then slow it down and explain the technique and steps. You are a great instructor!
Kristin Derus

Learn aerial silks and aerial sling choreography through Aerial Silks Online.