Aerial Silks Online

Aerial Silks Online is just what I needed! The platform is incredibly easy to navigate, whether I’m looking for drills or sequence inspiration. It helps me stay focused when training on my own. I love that I can find a skill to review one session and a new sequence to challenge me in the next. It’s clear that Sara puts a lot of love into the content and I always look forward to when new videos are added!
A variation on the Appalachia Split

We are currently REVAMPING Aerial Silks Online! We are not accepting new members while we are in the process of making this upgrade, however, we invite you to add your name to the email list to receive a discount when we re-launch in January 2024. 



  • Learn aerial silks tricks, transitions, technique, and sequences
  • Attention to detail with deep dives into technique.
  • Members can make requests, ask questions, send videos for feedback.
  • “Low-rig Friendly” filter for those working with limited height 
  • Discussions of theory, technique, and the nuances of fabric.
  • Creative original sequences by Sara, from Tip Toe Pony to Silken Vertex.
  • Organized library you can easily search through on PC or phone
  • Spans the aerialist’s journey from absolute basics to advanced skills and sequences
  • Slow-motion & clear breakdowns
  • Browse by skill type, rig height, or level
  • Recommended by aerialists around the world since 2019

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I'm absolutely loving your tutorials...I love the way the wraps are well thought out...The wrapping itself is beautifully and seamlessly worked into the sequence as choreo and I love that! It's been really cool to find a new style for me in silks and I'm loving them again now.
Aerial Silks Online has helped me improve my technique and learn new skills even when I can’t take classes. The instruction is intuitive and easy to follow and the cuing is great, even for someone who is very bad at learning from video, like me. There are tons of tricks and smaller transition moves available, so the value is great. The content also builds well and is well organized. Highly recommend!
I am so glad I subscribed to this!! I just watched the split roll to x back transition video. You're a genius! I have done those two back to back before and didn't know how to connect them. Your instructions are so easy to follow and you have great tips and coaching. I love that you show the move, then slow it down and explain the technique and steps. You are a great instructor!
Wakeful Ascent's Aerial Silks Online is exactly what I was looking for! I am a beginner/intermediate aerialist, and there are endless tutorials to help me advance my practice. I love that the tutorials are broken down by skill level, so I can easily find new tricks that are at my level. I also enjoy watching the more advanced tutorials, so that I can get excited about skills I can learn once I am more experienced! You can also make requests for specific skills, or additional explanations on a current video. Sara works hard to continually add new content, so you will always have something new to learn! Do yourself a favor, sign up for this platform, get in incredible shape, and take your aerial practice to the next level!