Aerial Silks Online

I am so glad I subscribed to this!! I just watched the split roll to x back transition video. You're a genius! I have done those two back to back before and didn't know how to connect them. Your instructions are so easy to follow and you have great tips and coaching. I love that you show the move, then slow it down and explain the technique and steps. You are a great instructor!
Kristin Derus

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Why Aerialists Choose Aerial Silks Online

More than 100 detailed tutorials, including tricks and poses (and adding regularly!), sequences, fundamentals, technique, theory, and choreography.

Videos can be browsed by skill type or by level.  

Members can make tutorial requests!

  • Troubleshoot your problem areas with detailed lessons.
  • Expand your portfolio of tricks
  • Learn the little details that make massive differences in your technique. 
  • Work step-by-step on unique sequences.

The amount and quality of information contained in these videos positions this product as one of the highest possible Return on Investments (ROI) you can find in aerial training. 

Some of the topics covered include:

How can I tell if my straight-arm inversion technique is correct?
What does body position have to do with hip key rollups?
Am I doing straddle inversions correctly?
How do I invert in Straddle X?
Why am I not gaining any height in the same-side inversion climb?
How do I get the knee tangle wrap where I want it?
How do I unlock CREATURE?!
How do I spin nicely?

Help Students to:

Refine technique
Deepen understanding of theory
Troubleshoot poses and tricks
Explore unique transitions
Train at home (floor)
Incorporate recovery & rest
Train body awareness, control, and isolation
Study when being on fabric isn't possible!
Hear explanations in new ways

Help Teachers/studio owners to:

Deepen and diversify knowledge of aerial silks
Plan curriculum
Understand students' common confusions and obstacles
Enhance movement vocabulary & personal database of known skills, tricks, and sequences
Discover new ways of explaining common skills
Get new ideas and inspiration
Support employees