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***Special Announcement!*** Aerial Silks Online is now featuring tutorials by Anna Cicone, AKA @00silkdrop. She is an AMAZING instructor. Enjoy!

I am so glad I subscribed to this!! I just watched the split roll to x back transition video. You're a genius! I have done those two back to back before and didn't know how to connect them. Your instructions are so easy to follow and you have great tips and coaching. I love that you show the move, then slow it down and explain the technique and steps. You are a great instructor!
Kristin Derus

Why Aerialists Choose Aerial Silks Online

Unlock unlimited access to over 200 hours of detailed tutorials, including widely-practiced AND original tricks and poses, sequences, fundamentals, technique, theory, and choreography. New tutorials added regularly to this ever-growing index.

Videos can be browsed by skill type, rig height, or level. Members can make tutorial requests!

  • Troubleshoot your problem areas with detailed lessons.
  • Expand your portfolio of tricks
  • Learn the little details that make massive differences in your technique. 
  • Work step-by-step on unique sequences.

At $16/month or $168/year,Aerial Silks Online is easily one of the most affordable ways to supplement and enhance your training. 

Members also receive 15% off Wakeful Ascent original store products and workshops!

now featuring original sequences designed and instructed by Anna Cicone AKA @00silkdrop!

Looking for a particular sequence tutorial? Check out our a la carte options! All of these are INCLUDED in the Aerial Silks Online membership.

“Geometry” by Anna Cicone – Beg/Int 

This sequence will guide you through a variety of beautiful shapes, all born from a simple eggbeater wrap. It is meant for the Beginner/Intermediate level aerialist who is comfortable being in the air for 2 minutes, and who has a comfortable execution of eggbeater wraps and grip endurance. Requires 10′ of height.

$15 – purchase here

Polygon Split by Anna Cicone – Int/Adv

This is a sequence for the intermediate/advanced aerialist and will take you through a same-side hook to drop into a fun, shape-y split. Be sure to watch in full to ensure you safely execute the tension elements. Requires 14′ of height.

$15 – purchase here

Tip Toe Pony by Sara Kaiser – Int/Adv

This intermediate+ sequence involves some fun tension work and several moments to linger in beautiful shapes. It also includes a dynamic option to the pony setup. I offer a less back-bendy modification that also looks lovely. This sequence holds great potential for further sequencing and alternate routes. Had plenty of room to spare with 14′ of height.

$12 – purchase here

Antelope Split by Anna Cicone – Int

Antelope split is another original sequence made for the intermediate aerialist. Before trying, the aerialist should have a comfortable Seattle Climb (the climb that begins as a Russian Climb but goes all the way to the hip, shown in the tutorial), as well as comfort with knee grip. The placement of the tail on the leg during the split pose emphasizes “almost” splits, even splits, and over splits! 

$12 – purchase here

Captain Hook by Anna Cicone – Int/Adv

This tutorial is for the intermediate/advanced aerialist. It incorporates a diveroll-like drop which then turns into a beautiful split pose. Make sure you are comfortable with in-air straddles and grip endurance before attempting.

$16 – purchase here

Broken Egg by Anna Cicone – Int

“Broken Egg” is for the intermediate aerialist interested in learning a sequence that will take them through a beautiful, elongated stag into a single ankle hang. The fluid transitions allow for some fun shape play and versatile legs. Make sure you have familiarity with both regular and reverse egg beaters, as well as ankle hangs, before attempting. 12+ feet of height required.

$11 – purchase here

A Glimpse of Aerial Silks Online

Some of the topics covered include:

How can I tell if my straight-arm inversion technique is correct?
What does body position have to do with hip key rollups?
Am I doing straddle inversions correctly?
How do I invert in Straddle X?
Why am I not gaining any height in the same-side inversion climb?
How do I get the knee tangle wrap where I want it?
How do I unlock CREATURE?!
How do I spin nicely?

Help Students to:

Refine technique
Deepen understanding of theory
Troubleshoot poses and tricks
Explore unique transitions
Train at home (floor)
Incorporate recovery & rest
Train body awareness, control, and isolation
Study when being on fabric isn't possible!
Hear explanations in new ways

Help Teachers/studio owners to:

Deepen and diversify knowledge of aerial silks
Plan curriculum
Understand students' common confusions and obstacles
Enhance movement vocabulary & personal database of known skills, tricks, and sequences
Discover new ways of explaining common skills
Get new ideas and inspiration
Support employees