Aerial Silks Tutorial Feature: Horizon Split by Anna Cicone (@00silkdrop)

Horizon Split is a beginner/intermediate original sequence designed by Anna Cicone AKA @00silkdrop. When I first watched her tutorial, I thought, “Gosh this seems so tricky!” I was unsure how it would go when I tried it out, but I felt well-equipped having listened to Anna’s instructions, including the common errors.

When I went to try it out, I found it to be one of the most naturally-flowing sequences I had tried in quite a while. Each segment leads smoothly to the next, offering multiple moments of stunning geometry and a variety of interesting transitions. After working out some of these transitions a few times, I found myself comfortably flowing through the sequence. This sequence got me feeling confident and expressive in the air, which was really refreshing after a stressful couple of weeks! I love how aerial not only offers us a chance to express whatever has been built up in us, but also brings happiness and fulfillment in once we let go of the tension we’ve been holding.

I also found a really interesting alternate exit that naturally progresses to a back balance, which I got super excited about! That’s one thing I love about working with Anna’s tutorials–they tend to have room for expansion and changes of direction, so if you’re feeling creative and know how to safely experiment with wraps, you can really have some fun playing with her designs.

Here’s a glimpse of my sequence play:


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And here’s Anna’s:


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