two minute self care reset
self massage, two minutes

2-minute Restorative Reset for Aerialists

Self care is always a good call but especially with the busy season starting soon! To help manage buildup of tension, try this 2-minute reset (this is sped up x/ bc Instagram) – EASY! And invite your family members to do it with you!

❤️The first part is a bit of neck work. Interlace fingers behind your head and drop chin toward chest, then open back up. With chin tucked, look to each side.

❤️Reach down your back and pull up, dropping elbows down in front of you (can do this seated or reclined).

❤️Massage your chest, shoulders, neck, jaw, face, and scalp. As you work, your body will likely show you where to go next, asking for a little love here or there.

❤️Finish by pressing your hands to your heart – making this physical contact can be very grounding.

Self care is a major part of aerial to keep your body strong and ready to do amazing things in the air!