Arch Hang: Conditioning Exercise & Beautiful Pose

The arch hang is a great aerial conditioning exercise (and beautiful pose!).

Often in aerial when using straight arms we avoid over-using the lats, such as when inverting or doing a hip key with straight arms. Here, we deliberately power up the lats to fire into an arch hang.

Here’s how:

1. Hang from straight arms. Squeeze your glutes and hamstring to press the legs back as you pull your chest up to the sky and look up.

2. Close your shoulders as much as you can and open your throat.

3. Lower back down as smoothly as you can and with control. It isn’t easy! I could definitely stand to clean this up a bit.

4. Return to full hollow position for bonus points.

5. An arch hang is a beautiful skill that can spice up your transitions. Simple and elegant.

Try a few rounds as part of your conditioning! To build this strength on the floor, see the previous post in my feed.


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