Back Flexibility & Strength Drill: Scorpion Pulls on Aerial Silks

Scorpion Pulls ~ these are good for developing strength in the scorpion backbend. If you know me, you know I take pleasure in turning shapes into drills.

1. Wrap your scorpion
2. Find the right hand position for your flexibility.
3. Push your booty toward your heels to start. I like the contrast this offers to the hips: flexion and then extension.
4. Using your lats and triceps, pull yourself into a healthy level of scorpion for you. One thing I like about scorpion is that it helps us to locate the upper spine more. See if you can feel the chest expand as the shoulderblades squeeze together.
5. Release and repeat.
You should be thoroughly warmed up before attempting these
If your hair is long wear a hair tie. I couldn’t see the whole time I was doing these
Focus on where you can feel the bend, from hips to neck.
Make sure your hands are not *too* low or you will have trouble lifting.
Enjoy! Tag me when you try it 😀