Beautify Your Footlock in the Air

Footlocks in aerial silks. They are so functional…can putting them on ever be beautiful?

Absolutely! When putting on a footlock in the air, many aerialists have knees bent and it looks a bit amorphous. But there is a way to put it on that looks elegant and intentional. I’ve outlined that in the video below. Plus, I show a pretty pose I call Elephant. Take a look!

  • From a basic wrap, sink your hips to come to straight arms and keep legs straight out in front of you (not easy!).
  • Bend the unwrapped-side knee to place the outer foot on the pole. (Some people prefer inside of foot, I think this depends on the shape and angle of your hip socket. I find outer edge is better for keeping the fabrics together).
  • Sink the wrapped leg to give yourself some slack. Internally rotating slightly can help if it’s not sliding. Keep the leg straight! Then, *still* keeping the top leg straight, bend the bottom knee in toward you to step into the lock. Straighten that leg as you step in.
  • Once the footlock side leg is fully straight, bend the top leg in toward your chest and press your hips to the pole to stand up. I like to extend that leg forward before placing the foot on the fabric by the opposite knee.

The key is lines! Try not to do everything at once. Instead, one step at a time, keeping one leg straight at all times.

Let me know how it goes, I’d love to see! And please remember to subscribe 😉