Body Position Lesson in Hammock Knot Drop Aerial Silks

The body position lesson present in the setup for this hammock knot drop shows up in many other aerial silks skills. It’s a great place to practice arranging your body in such a way that you can hook with ease and reduce reliance on your hands.

1. Set up your hammock knot drop to the point that you are piked over to one side.
2. Bring your bottom leg toward your head as much as you can. What this does is it positions your leg on “your” side of the pole so that when you rotate your hips, it is well positioned to find its hook.
3. Post the top foot, finding the pole with the outer edge of your foot and bracing yourself there.
4. Let the torso aim downward. This is important. A common mistake is that the torso is too upright when going for the hook, which brings the hooking leg to the wrong side of the pole.
5. As you remove the posted foot, find the hook with the now well-placed leg. It is okay to keep your hands on the pole while you learn this pathway, but try to keep your arms long so you don’t come too upright and displace your hooking leg.
6. For the drop itself, engage a hollow body and be prepared to pike. If you don’t do these things you could end up dropping onto an arched back which is not super great.
Then, you can try it without the posted foot. Feel free to place your hands on the pole as you try this, but again, remember to keep your arms long and your head low or you might come too upright to be able to hook. If you’re having trouble with this I would recommend you purchase video feedback so I can help you directly.
Like I said, this comes up in many other areas in silks, and as far as I know this is the most accessible place to work on the body position for this transition.
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