Butterfly Lifts for Aerial Inversions

Butterfly Lifts ~ I’m excited about these. This is a practical way to work on just one aspect of inversions–the lift of the hips. Having wristlocks on and feet in front takes the pressure off while you focus on what this movement feels like.

1. Put on wristlocks of your choice (I like hitches for the support they offer).
2. Invert between your fabrics.
3. Bring your feet together like the butterfly stretch in front of the poles
4. Sink your hips and allow your back to round.
5. Press your hips back up, keeping them close to the poles, engaging your upper back as you lift.
6. Repeat.
I really believe in “strength in the pathway.” Practice the pathway however you can, whether you find a way on the ground or a modification in the air. Practice a part of the pathway over and over if you need to–it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Over time, the strength will develop, and body awareness will deepen. The movement will begin to make more sense and come more easily.
For the record, in my opinion it’s also a fun and useful drill if you already have this part of your inversion down.