Common mistake in Aerial Inversions & Knee Hooks

There is a super important moment in any aerial inversion, and it is often left out. The trouble is that it requires both detailed knowledge of inversion AND a good deal of lower core strength, which is underdeveloped in many many people, not by any fault of their own but because lower core is not well incorporated in physical education and many sports, at least in the U.S.

So what is it? The moment is when the pelvis pulls IN toward the apparatus and the hips push UP toward the sky. This makes it easier to hook high above your hand and makes for a smoother inversion overall.

In this post I will show you the difference between an inversion that uses the lower core and one that does not, and I’ll also show you a helpful floor drill for developing this strength and a drill on aerial silks to practice this critical movement in inversions.

So first the difference:

And now a floor drill to help you get the exact strength you need:

And a drill on aerial silks:

I put a lot of emphasis on floor drills because they give you a really good opportunity to develop the exact strength you need in aerial arts. FIT4FLIGHT is a series of workouts designed for any aerialist looking to build strength, develop technique, and enhance their aerial performance on their own time and without any equipment. There is a full workout dedicated to inversion strength to support the exact strength you need to strengthen your aerial inversion. Check it out!