Stretch out in good company!

Our Restorative Stretch and Sound Healing classes offer a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. This class is very gentle, with no standing poses. Each class includes a meditation, gentle stretching, self-massage using acupressure balls and hands, and concludes with sound healing. Plus, we have faux fur sheepskins to make the experience extra comfortable and luxurious. 

Discounts to support our community & families

The purpose of this class is to bring people together in a shared intention of self and community care. As such, we offer special discounts to seniors, pre/teens, non-profit employees and volunteers, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, SAR, healthcare workers, and military personnel (former or active). Did we miss a group? Let us know at

Kids ages 5-12 may attend with their guardian at no cost. Please note that the stillness and relative quiet may be challenging or uncomfortable for some kids – your child is welcome to participate in their own way as long as there is not a disruption to the class. 

We extend a heartfelt invitation to individuals facing terminal illnesses to join our restorative stretch and sound healing classes free of charge. Our compassionate community welcomes you with open arms, providing moments of solace and connection during your journey. 

And yes – we have a Zoom option!

Click the button below to register and to access the discount codes. 

Your Weekly Reset

Enhance Wellness:  tend to your body and mind and regulate your nervous system – feel better in your body and more grounded and ready to start the week

Connect with community: Our studio is a place where people from different walks of life can come together and connect with one another as we care for our minds and bodies. Build bridges and expand your friendship circles.

Cultivate Mindfulness: Our restorative practices aim to regulate not only the body but also the mind. It’s a chance to step away from the stressors of daily life and reconnect with yourself in a serene environment, so that we can be more grounded and skilled as we face life’s challenges.