Compression Drills – Aerial Inversion Conditioning

Compression drills are important for your inversion! In this video I demonstrate form for highly compressed inversions, which I am personally a huge fan of because they rely so much on strength rather than momentum.

Start with the bent knee version. If you can’t do it, start with just the negatives of it. I’ll circle back with an easier drill you can do too, so be sure to follow the IG account below and sign up for the newsletter using the form in the sidebar.

  • Put on your backpack
  • Hollow out (no backbend!), belly toward spine.
  • Fire up your core and hip flexors as you lift your bent knees (and your pointed toes) in toward your chest. Bring them as high as you can before tipping upside down.
  • Return back down in that same tucked position.
  • Harder version: straight legs. Get your feet as high as you can before tipping upside down!THIS is going to be helpful for that no-cheat inversion I keep talking about.


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    For floor drills for inversions, see this post and this post, or check out Fit4Flight, a series of 5 aerial-specific workouts (including one for inversions).

    Once you build strength through this drill, you can take it up into the air. Remember that the negatives are your friend.