Straight-leg Inversion Aerial Drill: Hammock Scissors

Straight-leg Inversion Aerial Drill: Hammock Scissors

Elevator scissors! These are SO good for your coordination, microbend elimination, lines, and core strength 🙂

  • Easiest version: support yourself on your forearms. Elevate your legs slightly and then cross one over the other as you continually pike, then come back down in the same way. Feel free to play with the depth of that pike as part of this drill.
  • Harder version: Bring your arms out by your sides as you scissor. Do not let the low back pick up off the floor! Use your core muscles to squeeeeeze it down.
  • Hardest version: Bring your arms overhead as you cross one leg over and under the other up and down.
  • Keep your legs turned out, knees straight, and toes pointed.


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The coordination of these is surprisingly hard! That’s a good thing because it will help you to practice good leg position in the air.
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