Online Courses

Learn everything you need to know to get started training your splits balance. This course includes:

  • Wrap progressions
  • Technique for balancing, posture, and engagement
  • Basic anatomy of splits balance
  • Balancing progressions
  • Fabric drills for splits balance strength
  • Floor exercises
  • Recovery stretches

Note: You do NOT need a flat split to train splits balance. 

Deep Technique

Zero-momentum inversion & common elements found in hip keys & climbs

Inversions are often taught in a way that uses momentum. This can be okay, but learning how to organize your muscles and use compression to invert without momentum has significant benefits to your aerial practice. 

This course is for anyone who doesn’t want to just “get by” with an okay inversion and hip key. It is for the aerialist who is willing to work hard at fundamental movement and strength and connect the dots across foundational  aerial skills, and for the aerialist who wants to lose no height in hip keys and inversion climbs. 

This course examines the role of the core, hip flexors, and pelvis in inversion technique and the influence of your inversion style on hip keys, inversion climbs, and knee hooks. It’s nitty-gritty, detailed, and pushes your fundamental movements to a higher standard. Learn more here.