Define & Reach your Goals with Custom Training Plans: Aerial Arts, Floor Conditioning, & Flexibility

Define & Reach your Goals with Custom Training Plans: Aerial Arts, Floor Conditioning, & Flexibility

Why invest in a custom training plan?
You want to become better at your craft, but there are approximately 1 zillion things to train. How do you optimize and organize your training to best suit your personal needs, schedule, and goals?

You want to do something that will *actually* work. Something that will give you tangible results so you can confidently say, “Yes, that was 100% worth my time and money, and more.”

It’s not enough to simply build muscle mass or deepen your split. What is needed is a holistic approach to your aerial training, from the specific drills you do, to applying them in the air, to cultivating the right relationship with your apparatus and your craft. What does the way you prepare for class have to do with your ability to progress? How does your intention affect your outcome? That’s the kind of thing we’ll be getting into.

Build your foundations, deepen your roots, discover your style, and support longevity in your aerial practice
My goal is to not only to set you up with a training plan that sets you on track to reach the next level as an aerialist, but to help bring the deeper meaning of aerial to the fore, liberate you into your natural movement style, and set you up for longevity in  your aerial practice.

On-demand services are awesome, but nothing gets more precise than a program that is tailored to YOU. It’s rare to know the *perfect* program on day one, and everybody learns differently. That’s why my custom program involves getting to know you and curating an ongoing process of checking in and tweaking your plan as needed.

What disciplines do you offer coaching in?
Beg-Adv Aerial Silks
Beg-Adv Aerial Floor Conditioning
Beg-Int flexibility training

How it works
This custom training package Includes:

  • A personalized workout/training plan in a printable workbook format
  • Drill/exercise video tutorials on floor and fabric as needed organized conveniently for you
  • Initial 30-minute consultation with Sara
  • Weekly email check in
  • Includes first month 50% off code for unlimited access to Aerial Silks Online tutorials
  • Option to receive instagram or email feedback for an additional $26/month
  • Opportunity to earn commission on referrals after completing the 4-weeks
  • (PRO) 4-week access to unlimited Instagram or email feedback
  • (PRO) Mid-point 60-minute consultation
  • (PRO) blog/instagram feature

This 4-week plan is available in two versions: PRO for $219 and Economy for $126

Space is limited

If this sounds like the perfect program for you, please fill out the intake form to get started! Please note that if you plan to train aerial drills on apparatus you MUST demonstrate a safe rigging setup in order to qualify for this program.

Custom Training Plan Intake Form
Work with Sara to reach and surpass your goals, or to simply create a regular training program to maintain strength and flexibility.