Drill for Straight-arm Aerial Inversions

Hammock-assisted straightarm straight-leg lifts! Grip up your hands and tuck your tailbone under.

These are good for training strength in straightarm inversions while also training the mind’s connection to the core. We want to focus in on our abs so as not to overuse the lats or hip flexors, though they are involved too.
Position the knot under your low low back (that is not a typo) or upper pelvis. Straddle your legs and bring them deep toward your upper body (like a pancake). Reach your hands very high, letting your head and chest pull up and in to your poles.
TUCK, CURL, SCOOP your pelvis. Whatever word makes it work. It is a serious posterior tilt. This action comes from your lower core and it is essential to inversions. Use your core to draw your hips off the knot and then push up toward the sky, always keeping close to your poles.
Try to keep your armpits as close to the poles as you can.

I love negatives but in this case if you negative instead of crocheting, the knot will move to your mid-back and you’ll have to readjust which is annoying.

If this drill seems appropriate for you, give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

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