Drills To Unlock and Improve Your Aerial Inversion

Aerial inversions! This essential skill can be a tricky one to crack, but with good technique and consistent training, you CAN do it!!! Whether you train aerial silks, lyra, corde lisse, or any other apparatus, inversions all require the same strength and technical knowledge.

Long story short, you need to be able to create a hollow body shape and maintain core engagement as you lift your legs. Finding the “tipping point” can be the hardest – you will learn over time how to release your upper body at the perfect moment. Releasing the arms too early is a really common mistake. Wait until you pelvis really starts scooping under to release into straight arms for the upside down moment.

Below are some drills I recommend for strengthening your inversion.

Aerial Inversion Drills Using Silk:

Aerial Inversion Drills on the Floor:

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