Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Aerial. How do I sign up for a membership?

Your options for getting started are to:

  • Join a Course, if one is being offered at this time

We also offer unlimited floor classes & open studio for $59/month. Please note that Open Climb (supervised training) requires permission from an instructor after 3 classes.

I don’t see the class I want/the class I want is full. What should I do?
Please add yourself to the waitlist and we will be in touch as soon as an opening is available. 

I’d like to book a private lesson. 
Private lessons are offered at a rate of $80/hour for one person or $100/hour for two people. Please email with your availability. 

How do I upgrade?
Upgrades do not work perfectly with our booking software, but we have a way to work with it! Upgrade yourself through your TeamUp account and then fill out this form

How do I downgrade or cancel my membership?
Downgrades and cancelations can be done through your TeamUP account at any time. Canceling takes effect the following month. Remember to cancel 14+ days in advance or it will not kick in until the following month.

Sorry, I’m not going to make it to class tonight!!!
Anytime you need to withdraw from class, whether it is a late cancel or not, unregister ASAP through your account on TeamUp. We will refund your credit retrospectively if needed due to an emergency.

I forgot to sign up for class tonight can you add me?
Late adds are at the discretion of the instructor. Text instructor with request. Please keep late adds to a minimum. 

Can I get a recording for X Class?
1. Join the zoom version of the class on Teamup – if there is no zoom version, there is no recording option.

2. Email and with your request.

3. If it is very short notice, text the instructor so they get the message and know to hit record. 

I can’t make it to class today. Can my credit be returned?
In the case of late cancels (cancelations 12 hours or closer to class time) credit may be returned in some situations such as a personal or family emergency. Remember to unregister from class as soon as you know you will not be attending. 

Can I use an unused class on open climb?
No. Unused aerial classes may not be used on open climb or floor classes. 

Do I get rollovers?
-6-monthly gets 1 rollover per month.
-8-monthly and higher get 2 rollovers per month.

Rollovers only apply to the following month. Email with the date/class you would like to be added to.

How can I accelerate my progress/what can I do at home to support my training?
We recommend attending class 2-3x/week and attending open climb. You can also purchase FIT4FLIGHT, a series of 5 aerial-specific workouts you can do from home. 

I want to train at home! What do I need to know before setting up my apparatus?
Rigging at home without proper knowledge can result in injury, paralysis, and death.

All equipment and structures must be rated for 2,000+lbs of force.

Even with safe rigging, the risks of injury, paralysis, and death do not go away.

Rigging at home can void your home insurance.

Learn more about how to rig and train safely at home here.