financial prowess toolkit

Ease. Clarity. Flow.

Introducing a practical toolkit that sets you up for ease and flow in your finances for your creative movement business.

Save time, earn more money, get clear on your potential, and stop doing these calculations yourself.

As a creative movement leader, your ability to inspire and empower others depends on our ability to run your business effectively. Your financial prowess is an important piece of that puzzle!

Cashflow Tracker

The cashflow tracking spreadsheet automatically calculates your gross and net income, and also shows your predicted totals after taxes.

Plug in your monthly income and expenses, and it does all the math, and then transfers the numbers automatically to an annual overview. Organized by financial quarter – copy and use for life!


Income Potential & Price Point Calculators


The Income Potential & Price Point Calculators show you how much you can earn based on different configurations of your business – price points, number of classes per week, and members. 

Work backward from your income goal or see what is possible based on the price points you already have. Super easy to use – plug and play!

Financial Prowess Workbook

The Financial Prowess Workbook goes along with the Tracker & Calculators. In Part 1: The Numbers Behind the Numbers, the workbook walks you through the process that the tracker automatically does for you.  It provides an overview of important financial terminology and how to figure out what is possible in your business. 

Part 2: Navigating Pricing Strategy, walks you through a series of practical questions you can ask to help you determine your price points. This allows you to make decisions with clarity and understand why your prices are what they are. 

how it helps you and your business

  • Save time and stress doing calculations yourself

  • Automatically accounts for taxes throughout the year so you know how much you are actually making

  • Easily calculate your income potential based on different configurations of your business

  • Save yourself countless hours and stress during tax season with everything already organized and clearly laid out

  • Find out if you are under or over-charging

  • Understand key factors to consider for price points

  • Less money spent on an accountant

  • Clarity – work backward from your income goal

  • Understand what it takes to reach your income goal and whether it is realistic

And most important - feel a sense of clarity, ease, and organization around your finances.

Get answers to your questions:

  • How much money can you realistically make?
  • Setting the right prices for your classes to achieve income needs and goals.
  • What’s your hourly teaching rate based on your income?
  • What is your profit margin (and what is a profit margin)?
  • How many classes at what price point would you need per week to make six figures a year after taxes?
  • Strategies for foreseeing and managing taxes to avoid financial surprises.
  • The impact of credit card processing fees on your bottom line.

financial prowess toolkit

Save time and money, create clarity and ease in your workflow, and shift your financial approach for good – all for a one-time investment of $197. 

P.S. Remember to write it off!

Download instantly, keep forever!


Why I made this toolkit...

Hello! It’s me, Sara, owner of Wakeful Ascent. Here to answer your question…why did I make this toolkit???

I originally made this toolkit for myself. I found myself facing surprises during tax season and generally not having a clear sense of my cashflow. I spent a year building and refining these tools, and am so happy I did. Now I have a much clearer sense of my finances, I feel organized, and I understand pricing which makes it easy to make decisions in my business. 

I know I am not the only one who struggles with financial organization, and I can’t tell you how many people I talk to that I immediately realize they are missing out on their income potential due to being disorganized. I want to support other creative movement leaders, so I want to share my knowledge and resources! I know this toolkit will serve you well – it will save you time and stress and help you on your way to bridging the gap between your current income and your actual potential. 

Check it out! Things will be so much smoother and clearer from here on out.