Floor Drill: Plank Forearm Plank

This week I’m sharing a full-body exercise that I love adding to my aerial silks ground warmup. Shoulders, pecs (chest), triceps, core, glutes, and hamstrings get a great workout from this one. It also provides an opportunity to focus on hollow body position. 

​The plank-forearm plank transition is also beneficial to aerialists because it incorporates elbow extension and pushing (heyyy triceps). Strength in the triceps can help you to access those strong, straight lines from shoulders to fingertips! 

How to:

  • Begin in a full plank position with shoulders stacked over wrists (if this hurts your wrists, don’t do this exercise).
  • Make sure you are drawing the belly toward the spine–no saggy low back here!
  • Lower down to your forearms one at a time without losing that engagement in your core.
  • Press back up to the full plank. Be sure to switch the starting arm for half of your reps. 

Start with 4 one direction and 4 the other direction. You can add multiple sets if you like. 

To make these harder, lift the leg opposite of the arm that lowers first for the duration of the exercise. This emphasizes glute and hamstring engagement which is particularly good for balancing aerialist bodies because we do sooo much hip flexion! Plus, we do use those muscle groups a lot for stabilization in aerial movement.