Four Ways from Thigh Hitch to Catcher’s Wrap

How can you get from thigh hitch to catcher’s without passing the tail over your head?

To get started on this puzzle, it’s helpful to ask how Catcher’s works in the first place. What is it? 

In the catcher’s wrap the pole flows from the ceiling, through a same-side knee hook, to behind the back to over the upper thigh of the unhooked leg with the tail draped on the upper inner thigh. The name refers to the fact that this wrap “catches” you, most clearly demonstrated by a bullet drop. Let’s think of it in three parts:

1. Same side knee hook
2. Back support (crossing from hooked-knee side to other side of the back)
3. Thigh wrap from outside in with tail descending from inner thigh.

If we can get into a thigh hitch by climbing above a same-side knee hook, then that means that a thigh hitch can be thought of as a same-side knee hook wrap that was moved to the upper thigh. This tells us that if we lower a thigh hitch from hip to  knee, we have 1/3 of our catcher’s wrap in place. We still need back support and a thigh wrap. The task is to get the tail to cross the back and pass over the opposite leg from the outside to inner thigh.