Get Your Inversion ~ Aerial Silks Drill

This could be a super useful drill if you’re having trouble getting inverted. Jumping is usually not encouraged in aerial class, but if you can maintain healthy posture (aka, not arching) it can be a helpful way to find your way to your first inversion.

1. Put on wristlocks and make sure they are not too low or you will bump the mat. See how I rise up until my hands are at my pecs. Don’t straighten those arms early!!!!!!!!!!⁣

2. Push off the ground with knees tucked and arms bent, hands by pecs, elbows in. Keep the legs nice and tucked!⁣

3. Use your core strength to catch yourself once upside down–you are not aiming for a full flip.⁣

4. As you repeat, try to reduce the push off the ground. Eventually, you will work your way toward a lift + an inversion, all based in your very own strength. ⁣

Bring awareness to your core while you do this one, focusing on how it makes the movement possible. ⁣

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