C shaping floor drill

Hammock Side Crunch Drills

🔥For your c-body, obliques, and side butt: hammock side-planks. What they lack in glamour they make up for in cold hard value. I find this drill superior to other side planks because the mobility of the hammock adds a balance element, which requires additional core stabilization!⁣

1. Place feet next to each other in hammock. The knot needs to be pretty low, with slight variation from person to person. You need to be able to rest on your forearm. ⁣

2. Turn to one side, placing free hand on your hip while bottom forearm presses into the ground. The forearm is perpendicular to your lower body. ⁣

3. Press the hips to the sky and then release them with control back to the ground. ⁣

4. I didn’t show it here but a good addition is to do 20 tiny pulses at the top!⁣

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