aerial silks knee hook technique, climb and hand positioning

Hand positioning in same side hook climb

Which hand on top when climbing above a hook? And why? Note: In this example I am performing a same side hook, however (good news) the theory is all true for opposite side hooks as well.

If you have hooked right and your right hand is on top, once you *remove* the hand, the knee has an opportunity to slide down to the remaining (left) hand.

If you have hooked right and your left hand is on top, removing the bottom hand will not change anything – the top (left) hand and knee are still in the same relationship they started in 🙂

You DO want to reach above your hook with the SAME hand as the hook – why?

Because if you reach with the opposite hand as your hook you are going to be reach across your body. Crossing your body is much less efficient and awkward!

Use the SAME hand as your hook to reach above, and make sure it is the bottom hand.