I Actually Love This Class Booking Software (try it for free)

TL;DR TeamUp is an awesome platform for class booking and business management – ideal for pole and aerial businesses, and you can start a free trial with my link!

When I was researching booking management software, I was struggling to find one that met my needs and my budget. The common go-to in many movement industries is MindBody, but not only did I keep hearing complaints about it, it also started at $159 a month, which stressed me out as a brand new business owner.

Finally, in an online aerial instructor group, somebody recommended TeamUp, a company based in the UK. I browsed their site, saw they had a free trial, and signed up.

It’s been several years since I signed up and I have never looked back. This platform is easy to use and the customer service is exceptional. Not only that, but their pricing is a great deal.



My favorite features:

  • One of my favorite features is the flexibility in membership types – I can create punch passes, automated memberships, and drop-ins.
  • Many class structuring options: I can create ongoing classes, private lesson appointments, one-off classes (like for workshops) and courses (like series).
  • I also love that TeamUp seamlessly accepts payments and transfers them to my bank account via Stripe, so I never have to do anything to manage income.
  • TeamUp has forms built in, so all my students read and sign the policies and waiver before they can register for a class. The process is user-friendly – I have never had a new student ask me for help in the sign-up process.
  • Class calendar can be easily integrated into your website – see the Wakeful Ascent calendar here.
  • Zoom option: easily incorporate a zoom option for any class you teach (or teach strictly via zoom)
  • Reports: TeamUp has an extensive reporting section that allows you to easily see what’s going on in your business.
  • On-demand: TeamUp has an on-demand feature where you can upload video content and create memberships around that – this is a majorly exciting feature for anyone who wants to boost income with virtual content memberships.

The team is always researching ways to make the platform better, and they even have new possible functions that users can vote on.

So why am I going to the trouble to write about it? First of all, full transparency, I want to take advantage of their referral program – you can use my link to try a free trial of TeamUp and I get a referral bonus. Second of all, I genuinely want to help out other aerial and pole business owners when I can, because I know first-hand how challenging it can be to run a business doing what you love.

If you are looking to launch a business or revamp the one you run now, use my link to start a free trial so you can really explore the capacities of this platform.

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