the container for devoted aerial instructors

Without regular inquiry and reflection, our skillsets as instructors reach their maximum level and then plateau.

The Intentional Aerial Instructor membership is dedicated to supporting our ongoing learning and growth, so that we may provide the highest quality experiences to our students. 

This membership is for the instructor committed to continual evolution and becoming a leader in their instructional setting and the broader aerial arts community.


This is for you if:

  • Ongoing Inquiry: You recognize the importance of self-assessment and reflection for aerial instructors.
  • High Standards: You hold yourself to a high standard as an aerial instructor.
  • Growth Mindset: You are always looking to improve your teaching skills.
  • Student-Centered: You aim to develop your skills to better serve your students.
  • Confidence Building: You want to feel more confident and clear in your instructor role.
  • Accountability: You seek accountability in your continuing education and growth.
  • Higher Potential: You are committed to actualizing your potential as an instructor.
  • Balance: You seek a balance of self-care and service.
  • Leadership: You aspire to be a leader in your studio and the aerial arts community.
  • Community: You don’t want to do this alone and feel excited about joining a supportive circle of instructors dedicated to continual growth and learning.

support, accountability, inspiration

Ongoing inquiry and assessment are the key ingredients for continual evolution as an aerial instructor. 

Relying only on initial certifications and experience, your skill level reaches its highest point and then plateaus. 

With a sounding board and conscious reflection, your skill sets can continually refine and even branch out in different directions. 

I am here to support you and learn right here alongside you, bringing to the table my six years of instructor experience and experience training teachers.


in this membership:


Access all pre-recorded and live sessions, as well as on-demand content for $24/month ($297/year.) Because of the nature of this container as a pathway of continual growth for serious instructors, there is a 1-year minimum commitment. Enroll anytime.