You are on your performance journey, dreaming of stunning, creative, unique acts. Everything is within reach, but you know it’s going to take work. You want to work smarter, not harder, as you envision many aerial acts ahead of you. 

If that sounds about right, the Intro to Aerial Choreography guide is for you.

Step by step workbook to create a solo aerial act

  • Finding inspiration & conceiving a unique idea
  • Clear steps to develop you choreography
  • Strategy for sustainably practicing your routine
  • Help with selecting music & costumes
  • Resources to plan and track your routine
  • Prepping for performance day
  • Navigating nerves/stagefright

Who is this for?

  • The aerial student new to performance

  • The performer gaining momentum who wants to refine their process for creating choreography

  • The aerialist building a sustainable performance career

  • The aerialist who is feeling stuck or unsure where to begin to create choreography
  • The budding influencer who wants to create more captivating videos

  • The instructor who wants to guide their students in developing their own choreography

  • The aerialist who has found themselves exhausted from their choreography process