Introducing Creativity and Theory Prompts for Aerialists

Introducing Creativity and Theory Prompts for Aerialists

I’m excited to announce that I will be posting aerial prompts for you on a regular basis! I’ll be posting one theory prompt per month and a creativity prompt every two weeks. I hope these timelines allow you enough time to fit the prompts into your usual training regimen.

The theory prompts will challenge you to think analytically and experiment with wraps. Because experimentation requires a solid foundation, these will be considered INT/ADV.

The creativity prompts will be diverse and can be adjusted to your level. Many of them will be applicable to any apparatus. If a particular prompt doesn’t really inspire you, skip it and stick around for the next one. There will be variety 🙂

For December:
Theory: Find a way from Thigh Hitch to catcher’s without passing the tail over your head (if you used to follow my puzzles and did this already, try to find a new way!). I know there are at LEAST 5 ways!

Creativity: Carry a piece of fruit with you through a sequence. At least once pass it from hands to feet and back again. This can be simple or complicated but complexity makes it more fun!

Post anytime after the announcement of the prompt. Tag @wakefulascentaerial in a story or post for a repost to my stories (I will not repost examples of unsafe rigging or rigging on trees) and use #waprompts

Have fun and be safe!