Aerial Silks/Sling Drill for Obliques, Hips, C-body, Body Position

Key to the Throne. This is a ~*~FUN~*~ exercise I came up with that involves body positioning, coordination, and oblique strength. It took me several training sessions to get the technique down so it wasn’t so brutally hard. Side note: while some things in aerial are really hard because they take a lot of strength, a LOT of things that are really “hard” are really “technical.” I often suspect that when something feels REALLY hard it is likely you are doing it a little or a lot wrong.

Start in your throne. Get those wraps nice and high up your legs!
Extend your arms and straddle your legs. Lean a tiny bit back from the poles.
Bring your arms overhead toward one side and reach them toward the ground. You are rolling onto your bottom hip. This is a pretty solid side bend.
Once the torso is down, stack your legs to put you in a piked position. Try to do it slowly and with control.
To come up, reach your top arm straight up and to that space a couple inches behind the poles as you straddle your legs open. You can place a hand on the near pole for help while you explore the body positions and muscular engagement here.
Try to go slow and use control. It may take some time to wrap your head around this one, but it is really fun and will make your obliques burn!!!!
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