Aerial Silks Classes for Kids!

Aerial silks provides a holistic and enriching experience for kids, fostering strength, creativity, confidence, and body awareness. You can think of it as gymnastics in the air. 

We are so thrilled to be able offer high quality aerial instruction to the youth of the Eastern Sierra!

Spring Series starting April 30th!

Enrollment is closed! Please join our wait list to access priority enrollment for our next session by clicking the image above. 

Space is limited! We wish we could take more but we only have 8 spaces in each class.


"Our daughter looked forward to silks every week - you could see her confidence and strength build after every session! Caitlin was a wonderful instructor - always calm, patient, and positive. It was awesome to see how much they could do in a relatively short amount of time."
Chole & Caitlyn
Katie Kolker

Benefits of Aerial Silks for Kids

Aerial silk training builds upper and lower body strength, offering a comprehensive workout for various muscle groups.

Body Awareness and Control:
Training aerial silks heightens body awareness and control, improving coordination and balance as your child learns to move their bodies in inverted positions and three-dimensional space.

Building Confidence and Overcoming Fear:
Overcoming challenges in aerial silk training boosts confidence, and facing fears in a safe setting (such as fear of heights or powerful movement), contributes to increased self-trust and self-esteem.

Creative Expression and Artistic Development:
Aerial silks provide a unique outlet for creative expression, allowing youth to practice routines, explore their artistic style, and express themselves through movement.

Stress Relief and Play:
Aerial silk training serves as a stress reliever by requiring focused attention and encouraging playfulness, promoting mindfulness and mental clarity for a break from daily stressors.