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Mastering Hip Keys (and signs yours needs work)

Hip keys can be one of the more mystifying aerial silks fundamentals. There is a lot of strength involved and the technique is decently complex.

Typical signs that your hip key needs work are:

  • Tail lands on your butt or legs
  • You lose height
  • It isn’t pretty (seems subjective, is actually a major indicator of technical problems)
  • Your arms are still bent when you finish.

Let’s take a look at the hip key and how to master it.

So you might be like, “okay Sara, I can SEE how good a hip key can look…but I’m simply not strong enough.”

Not yet*!

I recommend floor drills. Working with super straight legs in straddle pathways, holding hollow body positions, and core exercises are going to be major assets to your hip key and overall training. When you are on the floor, you can really focus on technique, and if you are consistent, you will soon see it translate to your movement in the air.

If you know what to do – awesome. If you are looking for a more straightforward path with structured guidance, FIT4FLIGHT offers exactly that and includes anatomical breakdowns so that you are empowered with knowledge and not just a list of drills. It is available here!


Floor drills are so ridiculously effective…I include them in every aerial workout to reinforce and build the strength I need in the air. Floor drills are friends!