Meathook Drill for Aerialists (On Apparatus!)

If you saw my floor Meathook Ticktock drill, this will look familiar! We will apply the same idea from the floor version to the apparatus version. I’ll show this on aerial silks, but it also works (better in fact) on trapeze, aerial hoop, rope, and straps. I think silks is actually one of the least meathook-friendly apparatuses, since the grip is naturally more challenging.

For this drill I highly recommend wristlocks. I prefer the hitch version as opposed to double wraps.

Invert between your fabrics and open into a straddle.

Take one leg up to 12 o’clock and match it on top of the other leg. If you cannot get it all the way over, no worries, just go partway and then back to where it started.

As you do this, your bodyweight no longer be supported by both arms. You’ll be basically doing a one-arm hang, but you won’t be in a full meathook position.

Take the top leg back through 12 o’clock and to where it started. Bring the second leg up and over. Alternate sides for the number of reps that is realistic for you. When starting out, you may be happy to just get one!



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