Meathook Drill (On the Floor!) for Aerialists

Meathooks got you like a deer in headlights? Take it a step back and bring it to the floor. These exercises give you a chance to feel some of the strength you use in a meathook without the stress of hanging on for dear life.

1. Lie on your back with arms out and palms down. Raise your legs toward the sky.

2. Begin by dropping one leg to the side, and then stacking the other on top. As a variation, you can drop the feet towards your hand as opposed to further out. I like keeping the back more flat to make the core work harder.

3. Next try both legs together. Oh man is this variation on another level.

4. Move slowly throughout the pathway. Note the places that feel the hardest–this is great info for you.

While this exercise will not help you develop the upper body strength required for meathooks, it is great for isolating the lower body and practicing its pathway. I actually like how it breaks the meathook into just this aspect, so you can focus clearly on the details of your core, hips, and legs.


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