Mini-tutorial: Rainbow Marchenko Aerial Silks

Notes: This is a *mini* tutorial. The full version is 8x longer and offers more detail. It is available on Aerial Silks Online.

If you are using this video only to try the skill, you should already have a strong grasp of aerial silks theory fundamentals. It is possible to hurt yourself if you don’t understand the nuances of the set-up/exit.⁣

The tail drop-off is much harder than the similar one you do to get from catcher’s to s-wrap. This is because there is no support around your back. When you pass your legs over, you are fully supported on your hands-arms-shoulders. It is easy to be caught by surprise there if you are not aware. ⁣

Practice close to the ground for that setup, then move higher once you understand it. ⁣

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Be safe and enjoy!⁣