Monthly Aerial/Pole memberships (pole classes coming soon)

ALL memberships AUTORENEW on the 1st of each month – you will be automatically billed. Downgrade or cancel with 14 days notice for all memberships except unlimited which allows instant cancellation/downgrade (final month is paid in full in all cases). Upgrade anytime. 

Aerial/Pole 4-monthly – $112

Aerial/Pole 6-monthly – $154 (minimum membership for invitations to perform)

Aerial/Pole 8-monthly – $195

Aerial/Pole 10-monthly – $233

Aerial/Pole 12-monthly – $264

Class Descriptions

For those visiting from out of town, please email to let us know the class you’d like to join with a description of your experience and ideally a demo video. This helps us ensure you are placed in the appropriate class!


Apparatus Classes

Flex & Flow: Open to all levels, including those brand new to aerial. This class includes conditioning, flexibility training, and for more advanced students, combos (working on connections with or without a spin). You have the option of which apparatuses to train in each class – Silks, hammock knot, lyra, trapeze, and pole. No prior experience required and no prerequisites other than being injury-free. 

6-pack – $170
Drop-in -$35

Foundations, Transitions, & Dynamics: This aerial silks class emphasizes foundational skills with a strong focus on inversions, hip keys, footlock mastery, and technical excellence. We will also work on spinning, transitions, and dynamic movement. Prerequisites: Basic climb, Russian climb, inverting from the ground, double footlocks, single footlock. *Not a class for absolute beginners. Absolute beginners should register for Flex & Flow or Intro Silks.

Silks 1/2: Late beginner aerial silks skills and combos. Prerequisites: in-air inversion, in-air footlocks, in-air hip keys, knowledge of key aerial body positions and fabric management.

Silks 3: Learn intermediate+ skills and sequences. Prerequisites: all from silks 1/2, plus see skill tracker. 

Lyra Flow: Each class, students will learn a new flow that explores intermediate aerial hoop skills and transitions. Skills include mounting and dismounting the hoop in new ways, refining spin technique, intermediate-level poses, beginning/intermediate drops, incorporating artistry in transitions, and continuing to improve strength through conditioning. Prerequisites: Completion of Intro to Lyra course or six Flex & Flow Classes, AND instructor approval. Must be able to mount the hoop via Delilah and pull over

Lyra 2: Intermediate skills and choreography. Prerequisite: familiar with a wide diversity of lyra skills and transitions, in-air inversions, instructor approval.

Floor Classes & Open Studio

Flexibility: Open to all levels. Work on splits, backbends, and full-body flexibility through targeted drills following an active warm-up. This class emphasizes a balance of strength and flexibility to ensure safe and steady progress. Strongly encouraged for aerial and pole students.

Restorative Stretch + Sound Healing: full-body restorative stretching, nerve glides, and breathwork to reset your system for the week. Every class includes sound meditation.

Open Climb: supervised training time in whatever discipline you like! Prerequisites: three classes (at SILKStudio or elsewhere) & instructor approval for any given apparatus, including pole. Please note that skill innovation is not permitted at open climb – please only practice skills you have learned in a physical aerial classroom. 

Studio Statement on Pole Arts

Since it opened, our philosophy has been: we strive to nurture a long-lasting love for creative movement, facilitate meaningful personal transformation, build community through a culture of inclusivity and play, and encourage self-expression through creative action.

In alignment with our philosophy, the studio would like to formally express its support of the many diverse expressions of pole arts. We support not only the acrobatic side of pole dance, but also the exotic/sensual branches of this unique and empowering discipline.

We understand that the presence of poles and pole classes may cause discomfort for some. If any aspect of pole dance raises discomfort for you, we encourage you to bring a mindset of curiosity to this new studio addition. Lean in, remember that everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing any apparatus, and hey, maybe you will even discover that pole dance is for you!