What is your next level?

Simply showing up to training on a regular basis?

Straight-arm-staight-leg inversions?

ANY inversions?

Getting booked for performances?


Becoming an instructor?

Creating a bigger skill portfolio?

Improved technique and movement quality?

The beauty of the next level is that it does not matter where you’re at now. You can start making the shift now.

If you dream of unlocking skills, gorgeous movement quality, or simply getting back to training after a long time away…

There is one thing you are going to need to ensure that you spend your energy well, train effectively, reach your goals, and feel physically amazing. 

But first, check in with this list below:

Some signs your training needs a revamp:

  • Your training just isn’t consistent at the moment
  • You know what goals you have…but are not sure how to unlock them
  • You’re not sure how to set the right goals or where to begin
  • Your training doesn’t have much structure to it
  • You feel stuck because you’re missing key strength or flexibility needed to get the skills you want most
  • You have trouble being consistent in your training and keep having to rebuild strength
  • You keep doing the same set of skills over and over
    You never get into “the zone” when you train
  • You’re putting in all the work but not progressing at the rate you’d like
  • You know your form can be better
  • Your training leaves you achey and exhausted
  • You get anxious about taking a break from your training
  • You’ve gained tons of skills but your form and technique still have a lot of room for improvement
  • After losing strength, you feel like you will never get back to where you were

These are all signs that something is amiss in your approach to training.

here's what I would do:

It’s simple. There is a meta layer of your training, and if you are not carefully planning it, the hours you spend training probably won’t do very much for you.

This layer involves preparing for and structuring your training.

For consistent progress, you need a solid plan and a strategy that empowers you to effectively build your skills within training sessions AND over longer periods of time (the latter is often missing amongst aerial and pole artists). 



Ask yourself: is movement quality developing alongside skill acquisition? Is your body feeling healthy and strong? Are YOU inspired? Are you being systematic?

Without a cohesive plan to tie your ideas together, you’re simply going to end up spending more time on plateaus.

So yes it is simple, but setting up the strategy is actually a lot of painstaking work and time. That’s where I can help!


Introducing the Level up 90-day Program

In this program you will use my templates and planning tools to mastermind your training to reach your goals while honoring your body and season of life. 

You will learn how to structure your training and set, track, and accomplish (or edit) your goals with clarity.

I give you the exact tracking systems and blueprints that I use to troubleshoot your training, with a key trifecta:

training, movement quality, and self care


Training goals, movement quality, and self care are deeply interconnected. LevelUP helps you integrate all of them for effective training that allows you to feel amazing.

The best part is, you can work it around your schedule and the season of life you are in. 

Whether you’re at your strongest ever and booking performances, delivered a baby this year and just want to get back to training, or can’t remember the last time you unlocked a new skill, LevelUP gives you the exact steps and systems you need.


Mastermind Your Training

Establish your ideal approach to training, set and track goals, and take care of yourself beautifully as you methodically break through to the next level of your training – whether that means unlocking epic new skills or simply becoming consistent.


Change the way you train - and see the difference it makes.


This self-guided 90-day program is $200 – and remember that includes lifetime access to all the documents and templates you’ll be using during this journey, and more.

Right now, it is on sale for $150, plus get a BONUS free month of Aerial Silks Online!

After purchasing the program you are eligible to join our generous ambassador program to earn $!

meet your coach

I’m Sara, founder of Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts.

My aerial journey began in Santa Cruz CA in 2015. I was hooked and silks immediately became a top priority of my life. I began teaching aerial classes in the Eastern Sierra in 2018, and opened my own studio in 2022.

Not having a dance background, I realized I would have to be very mindful about the way I trained. I wanted clean lines and beautiful movement quality, but I constantly had floppy feet, microbends, and incomplete accent movements.

One day I decided that I would level up once and for all. I started creating a plan that would help me address my weaknesses. 

I started designing my training in a systematic way and steadily improved my form, got stronger, and unlocked skills I wasn’t sure I’d ever achieve. 

And then the unimaginable happened: people started to specifically tell me how beautiful my form was or how graceful I was – my plan had worked! And now, I am just imagining how much better I could still become.

Whatever it is that you desire for yourself as an artist, I am here to support you and offer the exact tools you need to systematically level up, over and over again. 


You're invited

This program is created for specific aerial and pole artists who are determined to achieve their goals.

This training IS FOR you if you:

  • Want to create a clear direction in your training
  • Want to make the most of training time
  • Want to see tangible results from your training
  • Are invested in the health of your body and ready to implement the self-care rituals you need to balance your training
  • Are prepared to make edits to your current training
  • Have the option to train on your own time (open studio or your own rig)
  • Want to enhance the effectiveness of your training
  • Are willing to try new ideas to see how they work for you
  • Want a chance to earn $ through referrals 


Q: Will you be giving me a training plan to follow?
A: No – I am providing you with the systems and templates that empower you to design your own training in a way that is logical, coherent, effective, and mindful of your life and well-being. 

Q: What happens after the 90 days?
A: After day 90, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to repeat the 90-day cycle – you can continue repeating it indefinitely, editing it to reflect any changes in your level and lifestyle. The actual program invites you to plan over 6-12 months. 

Q: How does this work to help me reach my goals?

A: This program gives you a systematic way to organize and track your goals over time, plus, we will discuss the “how” of goal-setting to make sure that you are being realistic. 

Q: I have a pretty busy schedule – is this going to be time consuming?
A: The program requires a few hours upfront for you to get organized and make your plan, but you will be dictating your own training schedule, so you can choose exactly how much time to give to your art form. 

Q: I am interested but my discipline is contortion, not aerial or pole. Would I be able to join?
A: Yes, the idea is the same, you will just modify one small area of the goal set to make sense for you.

Q: I am brand new to aerial/pole. Should I enroll?

A: No -this program is recommended for those who already have their foundations in place and have the opportunity to train outside of a class setting. Come back later! In the meantime, check out FIT4FLIGHT to supplement your classes and get started with the right habits.