Aerial Silks Online

Aerial Silks Online is your silks pocket diary. This video catalog includes more than 100 step-by-step tutorials in Poses and Tricks, Sequences, Theory, Transitions, Technique, and more. Includes in-depth discussions of the finer details of aerial silks. Members can request specific tutorials and enjoy other perks. Try 7 days free.


This series of 5 aerial-specific workouts is specifically designed to be done AT HOME! This is great for anyone looking to develop or maintain aerial strength and flexibility, and is especially helpful for aerialists who travel or go through periods where they don’t have access to a studio. The workouts specifically target: Inversions, microbends, key aerial shapes, splits, and toe point. Click to learn more. 

Technique Analysis


You send me a video of something that’s eluding you or for a general technique assessment, I troubleshoot and advise. All feedback is provided from a place of encouragement. You can save yourself a great deal of trouble and get yourself to the next level with expert analysis. Click to learn more. Starting at $25