Aerial Silks Tutorials

This video catalog includes over 200 hours of step-by-step tutorials in Poses and Tricks, Sequences, Theory, Transitions, Technique, and more by Sara Kaiser & Anna Cicone. Includes in-depth discussions of the finer details of aerial silks. 

Videos are organized conveniently and can be browsed by skill type, level, and rig height. 

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Video Feedback is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your technique. Send in a video (or several) of you attempting a skill to receive an in-depth analysis and, as needed, drill recommendations. 

Video feedback gives you a detailed response, including a voiceover of your video to explain where and how you could apply a different technique. In most cases I will also send a video back of me demoing the skill to clarify my verbal cues.

Private Lessons (online & in-person)

Work directly with Sara via a virtual or in-person private lesson. 

Sara brings six dedicated years of experience to the art and discipline of aerial silks and over 15 cumulative years of coaching diverse athletic/movement disciplines.

She brings emphasis to foundations, technique, complex wraps, and movement quality, but most importantly, meets each student where they’re at.

Her encouraging teaching style and expertise leave students in good spirits and feeling empowered in their aerial practice. 

Virtual, On-Demand Workshops

Dive deep into your favorite aerial topics, and comfortably approach the skills that challenge you. 

No matter where you live or what your schedule is like, you can join our virtual workshops! Purchase and watch at your own leisure.

Fit4Flight: Aerial-specific workouts you can do at home

This series of 5 aerial-specific workouts is specifically designed to be done AT HOME! This is one of our most popular products and is great for anyone looking to develop or maintain aerial strength and flexibility.

It is especially helpful for aerialists who travel or go through periods where they don’t have access to a studio. The workouts specifically target: Inversions, microbends, key aerial shapes, splits, and toe point.